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Founded in 2011 in Pune (India), established itself as a prestigious, reliable source for today's techno-logical solutions. Emerging from a concept of being a minor player in providing today's industry with the most up to date and most proficient solutions from private owners to small businesses to government organizations; our company is dedicated in providing you with the up most professional and reliable source of system-solution that can fully optimize your business needs and goals. Our consultants are highly talented and experienced professionals in a forever changing market. Their keen and broad range of knowledge and expertise in the industry has helped fortune companies in maximizing their business workload while keeping their budget within their projected quota. Our consultants are experienced in both telephonic and onsite services.

In focus with the business mission, Unik’s core business comprises of 11 major Business Areas :-

  • SCADA Information Management System/SCADA Information Retrieval System
  • Fire Detection & Alarm/Fire Fighting System
  • Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions
  • Customized Software and IT Solutions
  • Automated Multilevel Parking System
  • Analog and IP Surveillance System
  • Audio-Visual System Integration
  • Tailor-made Toll Plaza Solution
  • Office and Home Automation
  • Security System Integration
  • Custom SMS Campaigns




Simplicity of our solutions reeks from the products.


Responsibility on the solutions provided.


Any platform, any OS, any infrastructure.


Customized Solutions

Realistic Solutions to real life problems with our customized solutions.

Superb Support 24/7/365

Anytime/Anywhere support to our products.

Personalized Reporting

A representative to your problems, for our solutions, with a personal touch.

About Us

SCADA Information Management System   25%

Analog and  IP  Surveillance  Systems          25%

Office and Home Automation  15%

Custom SMS Campaigns         15%

Solution Providers

Providing a full line of consulting services to fully optimize your private or business strategies

Fueling Your Growth

Providing the most powerful products, solutions and strategies at fraction of the price that will keep you on the cutting edge of technology

The (W)Right Optioneers

Unrivalled Dedication in helping private and small companies create and maintain high performance environment which will benefit you through our industry knowledge, product knowledge and vast experience


What Else We Can Do For You?

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Meet The CoRE Team

  • Team Engineering

    Client Oriented Research & Engineering
    Putting the 'I' in CarIng

  • Team Infotech

    Chief Infotech Officer
    Copying & Pasting from the Internet.

  • Team CEO

    Chief Extortion Officer
    Extorting the Best Offers


Kirloskar Group

Ranged Solutions from Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions, Customized Software and IT Solutions, Audio-Visual System Integration to Office Automation

Jitendra Singh Group

Afforadable Solutions from Automated Multilevel Parking System to Tailor-made Toll Plaza Solution

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation

Techno-commercial Consultancy for Wired and Wireless Networking, Analog and IP Surveillance System, Audio-Visual System Integration, Custom SMS Campaigns

H.C. Kataria Group

Reliable Wireless Networking Solutions, Analog Surveillance System, Tailor-made Toll Plaza Solution, Home Automation, Security System Integration, Custom SMS Campaigns


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We love to help every client of ours. Please Leave us a Message/Comment(s)/Feedback or you may contact us on:-

Communication Address: Unit 1, S. No. 23-1, Anand Vihar Colony Phase 2, Vadgaon Bk., Pune - 411 051
Cell Phone: +91 93 263 25385/+91 93 73 773993
Land Phone: +91 20 396 28578
Email: info [at] unik [dot] co [dot] in

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